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Log and Stone, LLC.

Masonry and log homes since 1976
Masonry heater specialists since 1987

Wood-Fired Bakeoven

Wood-Fired Bakeoven. Fieldstone, tile, and stucco by Log and Stone, LLC

I have been doing stonework since 1975 when I built my first fireplace. I got many subsequent jobs from that fireplace; people liked the style, which was self-taught. Even other, older masons liked it.

I guess I am an artist; I'm in my element when designing and positioning stone, masonry, and brick. I feel my best work comes when my clients turn me loose, although well thought-out plans are always successful.

I built my first masonry heater in 1986 after researching and buying plans from Albie Barden. The efficient wood usage and heat generated by masonry heaters sold me on their value. I've spent 30 years learning to cut, shape, and lay stone. For me, it's all about the creative process. The money is secondary. A lot of my work comes through word of mouth: people like what they see. I recently began building wood-fired bakeovens and a local bakery is already using one of my ovens.

I guess it's kind of surreal that a little kid picking rocks in a hot potato field would end up a master mason laying them.

Jeff Kuczmarski, Certified Heater Mason, Log and Stone, LLC.