Gabriel Callender

Montreal Matzoh Oven Rebuild

Matzoh Bakery of Montreal, Rue du Rocher
David Grunwald, owner
60,000 sq. ft. plant

View of existing oven

Vault, end wall, side walls

View of hearth and flue gas passage underneath. This is a hybrid oven
design, with a gas burner heating underneath the hearth, and a wood fire
in the oven chamber to brown the matzoh. The gases from the wood fire
exit at the back wall, and run above the oven vault.

Hearth has been mostly removed. View of flue gas passages underneath.

View from inside oven towards loading door.

Detail of steel reinforcing. Vertical I beams and horizontal channel iron
at skew course (vault base) level.

Deconstructing vault.

View of burner inlet

View of flue gas outlet in oven chamber. Note skew course on right.

Flue exits

Gas burner.

Rebuilding outer brick veneer.

Sub hearth bricks in place. Topping with castable refractory. Note burner
inlet and outlet in rear wall. This is below hearth level.

Flue gas exit into top chamber.

View from front of oven. Side and rear walls partially built.

Ceramic blanket insulation between oven walls and
brick outer casing.

Steel detail.

Skew course is at top. Chase for horizontal reinforcing steel
is visible

Gas burner (pointing downward)

Skew course.

Steel detail.

Completed back wall. Note under-floor gas exit at lower left.

First ring of vault. Arch form leaning against left wall. Flue gases
from the wood fire in the oven chamber pass above
this vault, underneath a second vault (see below).

Reused refractory blocks for front opening.

Steel detail

Second vault. Styroform form has been removed and is resting above vault.

Second vault detail. Note ceramic blanket insulation.


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