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Manufacturers' literature available directly over the web.

Hardware Store

Masonry heater hardware and supplies.



Custom soapstone heaters, Connecticut

Masonry heaters by Maine Wood Heat Co.

Kits, workshops,hardware, books

Tempcast and custom contraflow heaters, New England area
New Hampshire

Masonry Stove Builders

Developers of the
Heat-Kit System

high performance housing

Gimme Shelter Construction


Developers of the Frisch-Rosin clean burning fireplace system

Lopez Quarries




Modular, customizable tile and stucco heaters from Austria

Deer Hill Masonry



Mid-Atlantic Masonry Heat

Soapstone Fireplace Distributors

Kits Hardware and Workshops for the Midwest

Aarons Ltd. Alternative Energy Inc.


Turtlerock Masonry Heat

Burlington, VT


Soapstone Supply

Quebec Soapstone for Carving and Thermal Applications


Pyromasse, Montreal


red clay construction
Prince Edward Island


Fisher Masonry Heaters

John Fisher logo


Sleepy Hollow Chimney Supply/Bellfires

Brentwood, NY


solid timber construction

New Jersey


Fireworks Masonry
Fire Works Masonry
New Jersey


Padgitt Chimney& Fireplace

Serving the Greater Kansas City Area since 1982

Orangeville, ON



Adobe heaters




Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces

Minneapolis, MN


Northstone Heat
Heater Hardware


Chapel Hill, NC


Goodman masonry heaters
Rochester, NY



Crossfire Fireplaces

Crossfire Fireplaces

Cornerstone Masonry


Soapstone Fireplace Distributors

Alaska Masonry Heat

Mastercraft Masonry

Woodland, WA



The Fireplace Works


Vesta Masonry Stove Inc.

North Carolina

greenstone heat


Proudly Serving The Midwest & Rocky Mountain Regions

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The Download Centre

Manufacturers' literature available directly over the web


Planning Guide
Assembly Manual

Masonry Stove Builders

Planning Guide
Assembly Manuals
Cookstove Plans
Wamsler Cookstove Brochure
(German, 1.2 Mb,
requires Acrobat 3.0 Reader)
UPO Hardware Catalog
Construction with Surface Bonding

Buckley Rumford

Plans and Instructions