February 5, 2000
Hi Norbert

	Perhaps you remember me from building the oven for Little Stream. I'm the
carpenter who almost put the cement flue tile through the roof and finished
the cap on the chimney.
	 I thought you would be interested in these masonary cook stoves I've been
building in Guatemala. Maybe they deserve a link on the masonary stove
stite (are you the right person to talk to or should I send this to someone
else as well).
	Little Stream is going to sponsor one stove. Last year I built 6 in
Guatemala, this year I am planning to build 20.This summer I am planning to
hold a stove building workshop as these stoves are badly needed in many
places in the third world. 
	Please send a reply so I know if you get this and if you were able to open
these pictures.
These stoves make such a huge improvement in these peoples lives, its a
wonderful high going down there and building them. Maybe some time you
would like to join me in Central America for a while and build a few

Tom Clarke