From: "Marcus Flynn" <pyromasse(at)>
To: <mheat(at)>
Subject: Non Carcenogenic Ceramic Wool.
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008

Hello Norbert,

 Below is a link to to a page on my site that caries the TDS for Superwool
HT 607 blanket. It is made by Thermal Ceramics, and is available in Canada.
It is classed by the EC as non Carcenegenic.

Other wools I have been using
like Vesuvious RT and HP are classed in both EC and North America as
carcinogens and are now outlawed in The EC. Vesuvius have started to carry
it as the wools known to be carcenegenic are being refused for installations
they do in Quebec. Lets save our lungs for the good stuff...

 Please could you post the link on the MHA site news page.

Superwool  607 HT Blanket   EC classed non carcenogenic ( Note Q of the 67-69
EC Dirctive )  ceramic fibre high temperature Blanket.


 Marcus.  ( from my lap top in the field )