Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009
From: Alex Chernov <alex_stovemaster(at)>
Subject: MHA international ties at work
To: Norbert Senf <mheat(at)>
Cc:, Fetze Tigchelaar <info(at)>

Hi Norbert:

Here are some pictures of the MHA-born international ties at work: “Nerding at Fetze’s..”

I am also attaching a couple of pictures of the leaning tower of Leeuwarden, a town close to Fetze’s village in Netherlands. The tower is said to have a steeper angle than the tower of Pisa, leaning out for about 1.5m over its base. Moreover, the tower is actually twisted, and there are signs that it started leaning right at the construction time, since the top portion of brickwork is laid trying to catch up plumb, so the tower actually looks a little bit like a banana. Allegedly, the tower’s architect jumped down unable to bear the shame. Interesting enough, there are no apparent cracks in the brickwork. This is how much stretching can brickwork take without breaking...

Fetze told us that the tower and most of the old buildings in town were built over cow’s skins that were laid down on the ground before foundation stones were laid. I am not sure what is the reason, probably the unstable nature of soils and high water levels common in the Netherlands.

I don’t remember how old the tower is; we should ask Fetze.