From: "Adriatic" <branimir.mijuca1(at)>
To: "Norbert Senf" <mheat(at)>
Subject: Re: Fireplace from Croatia
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008

Hi Norbert

Thank you on your insertion on your wonderful site.

This heater has some  unique features that I have not seen elsewhere. On the right side it has an extra door for small waste.  Very helpful thing. You do not need to open the main door and let smoke in the room. As we have not seen this feature anywhere, we have to add this feature later after we realize how that option would be helpful. Unfortunatly you would not be able to add it easy  to your design, since we do not use this wall for contra flow.

Then there is a bypass damper at the top. When it is closed the smoke in contra flow manner is sent under the fireplace and heats the left side of the fireplace. That way we have 50% more area to accumulate and radiate heat then your typical contra flow hater. We have right wall of heater  + right wall inside fireplace + bottom of fireplace + left wall inside  of fire place + left  wall outside l of fireplace. After that, the smoke goes to a passive heater on the next floor.

But if the bypass is opened then all smoke goes directly  to that above heater. It is also used for startup. This heater has been proved for two years and it works fantastic. We are thankful for all information you put on your site that enabled us to start that kind of project. You have to know that my profession has nothing to do with these things. I am in fact a graduated engineer of computer electronics.

As you can see on our site, first we made this classical Rumford fireplace. But soon we realized that the chimney that we got with this house is not suitable for that kind of heating. Certainly, nothing new for yourself. So we made lately an additional chimney next to it thru the whole house. Now fireplace and pica oven work perfectly. Additionally to that new chimney, unfortunately it is hard to be documented, we have made  a smocking chamber for smoking fish and meat.  It is standing right above that pizza oven. So all in all we have seven functions in this combination.

1. Contraflow heater

2. Second floor heater

3. Oven in Contra flow Heater

4. Cooking steel plate in that Oven

5. Rumford fireplace

6. Pizza Oven

7. Smoking Chamber above Pizza Oven

I hope you like this construction and we thank you on you again on influence you have made on us with your site and work.

Everything the best for coming holidays

Sincerely Yours

Branimir Mijuca

PS. Just for your information this stone on fire place and on the walls  is a blessed stone. Received as throw a way after reconstruction of the main Cathedral Church here in Croatia. If you take a careful look you would see that some corners on stone block are reconstructed.  So they were no acceptable  in that  Cathedral reconstruction. Than we have save five original carved stones that we build in our construction. Two of them you can se under marble plate in front of the fireplace. The next three are on the right wall. Like candle holders. You can see only one. Soon I will put some additional pictures of interesting details on our site. By the way that oak on the sealing is almost as old as this stone. It has been taken from an old hut built in 1914.

Link to more photos on website


From: "Adriatic" <branimir.mijuca1(at)>
To: "Norbert Senf" <mheat(at)>
Subject: Re: Fireplace from Croatia
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009

Hi  Norbert
 We have add one more feature to this fireplace
You can add it easy to any of yours, and I must tell you it is great for doing grill on flay.
I hope you can find these similar iron pieces, but if you can not we can look after some for you.
We have also one twice as big iron grill plate and one basket for corn cob and chestnut. Right now I am looking for similar attachment for popcorn.
Any suggestions?
Sincerely Yours
Branimir Mijuca