The following report came in this weekend from Pat Manley, Masons on a Mission

(Posted to the CREST "Stoves" Lists on Feb. 17/03)

Hi Tom

Pat Manley here, with Masons on a Mission (MOM).

I just wanted to make a quick report as to our milestone here in Guatemala.
MOM has been building masonry estufas here in the Xela area, along with Tom Clarke and Ali Ross of the Guatemala Stove Project, over the past 4 years, and we have just reached the placement of estufa number 1000!

About 100 of them have been hand built of block and brick by our volunteers from the US and Canada over the past 4 Februarys, about 800 by a crew of Maya masons that we fund, and about another 100 HELPS stoves that we bought, and had installed by a Maya womens group in the Xela area.

All 1000 estufas were built with funds that we have raised in the US and Canada.
Each estufa replaces the filthy open 3 stone fire that were being used in 1000 Maya dwellings. You canīt believe the appreciation shown by the families that have received these estufas.

I know that compared to the work that so many in the world do in the effort to eliminate the 3 stone fires this may not seem such a big deal, but we are proud to have played a part in it anyway, and we look forward to building the next 1000, and the next!
Just wanted to share this with you all. In the world today, every little bit helps.

Su Amigo..Pat