Oct 30, 06

Dear Friends,
      I will  be traveling to Rehobeth, Mass (just outside of
Providence, R.I. on the weekend of November l7,l8. l9 to install an
extended version model l20 le Panyol oven at the home of Ciril Hitz who
is a baking education department chair at johnson and Wales University
in Providence.  The oven base is already in place and we will be
installing slab insulation and a low berm wall then grog and the core,
grog mixed with portland cement and insulation and wire mesh and a
stucco finish.  We will get as much done as time allows.  This will be
an excellent requisite opportunity for potential dealers or masonry
heater builders to get large oven hands on construction experience. 
The next opportunity for a large oven will likely happen with an
identical oven in North Berwick Maine in January or February.  I
delivered a model l80 oven just North of Montreal a few weeks ago and
we are lining up a construction date for this one as well.  We would
like it to happen in January but we aren't sure what the client is
going to decide to do yet.
        Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you will be
able to attend.  The large ovens are laid up in stacked tongue and
groove courses on a plywood rib base supported by a central disc and
scissors jack.  There is lots to be learned in the hands on experience
versus trying to learn from the manual alone.
Warm regards,

Ablie Barden

Maine Wood Heat Company, Inc.

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