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Subject: ASTM E6.54 masonry heater task group meeting

Please be advised that there will be a meeting of the ASTM E6.54 task group on masonry heaters on Saturday, March 18, 2007 in Reno, NV, held in conjunction with the HPBA Expo.  The meeting will take place in room E2 in the convention center.

Saturday, March 17 2007

8:00am 5:00pm                                Masonry Heater ASTM Meeting                                                         Room E2

  The agenda will include a presentation and update on masonry heater testing and an efficiency standard by P.Tiegs, review of a strategy to comply with EPA requests/requirements, and other business that may concern the task group.


Please contact chairman, Rod Zander at rod(at)rodzander.com, for more information.
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