From: tristan fortin lebreton <tristanfortinlebreton(at)>
To: <norbert.senf(at)>, <mheat(at)>
Subject: EPA in quebec!
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2008

Hi Norbert:

Bad news.
Provincial law are planning to ban uncertified EPA wood burning appliances.(in la gazette officielle)
6o day consultation.
How do we get started?
 Le Devoir article

Text of the proposed rule


From: Norbert Senf <mheat(at)>
To: various recipients
Subject: EPA in quebec!
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2008

Hi all:

See below. FYI, Tristan just called. I gave him some documents to read up on to get up to speed, and he will write an article for MHA News to explain the Quebec situation to the membership.

To get yourself up to speed on these issues, you can do the following:

Read the MHA Position Paper, which was prepared 10 years ago for Bay Area when they were originally going to ban masonry heaters:

Read the transcript of the 2 day workshop that OMNI put together for us in 1991 to explain the issues, including the regulatory and local political ones:

Read the 5 page body of the EPA White Paper (the balance is an appendix with the technical documentation)


UPDATE: 6:00 pm, April 21/08

Hi Norbert
I just spoke to the provincial representative who work on the rule project and he said he doesn't want to touch masonry heaters. (Good start:)
The rule project is more or less a copy and paste of CAN/CSA-B415.1, which masonry heater are excluded of.
But I still cannot figure how were in or out in that administrative juggle

UPDATE: 1:00 pm, April 24/08

Hi Tristan:

Thanks for the further information, and for following up on this. I have posted the info in MHA News.

Sorry for the delay in this response, but have been been busy catching up on my office backlog with business.

I just had a look at the rule.

Looks like under Section 1, 1. 1, we are exempt, because our burn rate is greater than 5 kg/hr.

For example, if you look at my testing results from this winter, for example

in the first example, HKJ-30, the burn rate is 13.38 dry kg/hr.

Hope this helps.

Best .......... Norbert