From: "Jerry Frisch"
To: MHA Members and other members of the masonry heater industry
Subject: San Joaquin Valley Residential Wood Combustion work shop
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 13:36:14 -0800

Hello All, John Crouch ask me to notify you of the following meeting notice in California.

To All Interested Parties:

The Valley Air District has finally announced their workshops. (and called to alert us that the draft rule was finally posted)
This email contains a listing of the workshops, a brief description of the issues with changes from last April, and the link to the complete report.

A quick 'first reading' indicates the follow three key issues:

1) no transfer or sale of real estate with a wood heater unless it is EPA certified, pellet fueled, or rendered inoperable (that is for antiques)
2) no sale or installation of ANY Woodheater unless it is an EPA stove, or was EPA certified when new, or uses pellet fuel,
3) no woodburning appliance, fireplace or Woodheater in ANY development with a density greater than two units per acre
4) no more than one fireplace or Woodheater in any new dwelling in an density less than two units per acre,
5) two stage curtailment or burn ban, exempting EPA stoves in first stage, whichis set at an AQI or 150, 2nd stage at 170 (they note that a one stage is still under consideration) Areas above 3,000 feet are exempt from the burn bans (but NOT the real estate changeouts)

These are not all the provisions, but merely the major items.

John Crouch
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Workshop locations and Times
Rule 4901 - Residential Wood Combustion
The meetings will be presented in person and via video teleconferencing (VTC) at the District offices at the following times:

December 3, 2002 (Tuesday) 6:30 PM -- In person workshop: Fresno VTC: Bakersfield and Modesto
December 4, 2002 (Wednesday) 2:00 PM -- In person workshop: Bakersfield VTC: Fresno and Modesto
December 5, 2002 (Thursday) 1:30 PM -- In person workshop: Modesto VTC: Fresno and Bakersfield District Offices

Central Region Office, 1990 E. Gettysburg Ave.,
Fresno Northern Region Office, 4230 Kiernan Avenue, Suite 130,
Modesto Southern Region Office, 2700 M Street, Suite 275, Bakersfield

Jerry Frisch
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