July 22, 2001

Hello Everyone:

While we were in Guatemala last February, we had a volunteer, Brian Blowes,
with us from the Kingston area, in Canada, who shot hundreds of hours of
video tape of the people of El Rincon, and us, while we were working there
building estufas.

All of that video footage has been edited down into an incredible 22 minute

Brian has caught images of the Maya where they live, work, and play. There
are very clear shots of women working over their smoking 3 stone fires, and
the shiney black creosote stalagtites hanging from the ceiling...

There is also much footage of the many volunteers as we built the people of
El Rincon, step by step, 100 new estufas.

For those of you who lived the experience of building these estufas last
February, of giving hundreds of Maya children clean air to breathe and many
more years of life, this video is a very moving reminder of what you have

For those who contributed money to enable us to buy the materials to build
all those estufas, this video will clearly show you the differance your
contribution has made for the villagers of El Rincon.

And for those of you who have not been able, or have chosen not to make a
contribution to our project yet, this is your chance to see what we are
doing, what you are missing, and I hope will encourage you to get on board
and help make a differance.

It is my hope that you will all buy a copy of this video, not only for
yourself to view, but to share it with others who might want to help support
our work in Guatemala.

$25 is what it will cost, shipping included, to have me send you a copy of
this most excellent video.

The money received for this video goes to help us pay for the production of
the video, and not towards building estufas. At least, not directly.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Pat Manley
Masons on a Mission
J Patrick Manley
15 Nelson Ridge South
Washington  Maine
207 845 2440