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This is an outdated link.  The MHA plan portfolio is no longer available in this format.  Consider joining the association as an associate or full member to stay updated and receive news about the future portfolio project.

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The Masonry Heater Association
has designed, built and tested
seven masonry heater plans which are now available for purchase.


The portfolio includes seven sets of detailed plans for the:

  • Finnish Contraflow core (22" relineable firebox, white bake oven, 34" x 52", brick-by-brick 3-D assembly sequence):
  • Double Bell System Heater (35" x 73", brick-by-brick 3-D assembly sequence):
  • Finnish Contraflow (Small room heater 24" x 36")
  • Kakelugn (Swedish Heater)
  • Custom downdraft heater with bake oven by Jerry Frisch
  • Materials list for each heater above
  • Austrian Kachelofen heater
  • Medium Size Corner Finnish Heater

Detail Option Drawings including:

  • Damper Options
  • Clean Out Options
  • Outside Air Options
  • Options to Finish the Top (above capping slab)

Six line drawings

  • Vertical Channel Masonry Heater (Russian)
  • Horizontal Channel Masonry Heater (Russian)
  • Combination Channel Masonry Heater (German)
  • Contraflow Masonry Heater (Finnish)
  • Five Channel Masonry Heater (Swedish)


  • One Generic Heater Building Sequence Step-By-Step
  • Copy ATR Engineering Masonry Heater Stabilization Report
  • Copy of Swedish Emissions Report
  • MHA Homeowner's Safety Manual & Burning Guide



Sample Content:

front cross section of 2008 Wildacres double bell heater

3-D section from the detailed drawings for the 2008 Wildacres double bell heater (37 pages).
drawings by Alex Chernov

mha plans portfolio
Section drawing of a Custom downdraft heater with white oven, designed and built by Jerry Frisch
drawings by Dave Misiuk

mha plans portfolio
3-D CAD model of the core for 22" contraflow heater with replaceable firebox liner and white oven,
built at the 2008 Wildacres workshop.

The MHA Heater Plans Portfolio includes brick-by-brick 3-D assembly drawings for this core (20 pages).
drawings by Norbert Senf

Kachelofen by Richard Jussel

Kachelofen plans for the heater built at the 2007 Wildacres Workshop with Richard Jussel
drawings by Richard Jussel.

24 x 36 contraflow section
Small Contraflow room heater, 24"x36"
Drawings by Chris Luthi

corner contraflow heater drawn by Chris Luthi
Medium Size Contraflow Corner Heater
Drawings by Chris Luthi

Swedish heater, drawn by Chris Luthi
Swedish heater
Drawings by Chris Luthi

Drawing by Chris Luthi
Generic Heater Details
Drawings by Chris Luthi


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This page created on July 15, 2008

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