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Masonry Heater News

March 22, 2018

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Photo Story

List of Registered Attendees for 2018

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Ecobox video

Masonry Stove Builders, daily house fire, 5:00 PM, March 16/18

Kuznetstov designed stove by Evgeny Zinoview

MHA tech committee member Crispin Pemberton-Pigott is engaged in a
clean burning coal stove program for Ulan Bator, funded by the World Bank.

MHA Presentation to Regulators at HPBA Expo, Nashville, March 6/18

Boris Kukolj is North American head of Tulikivi, and MHA Technical Committee member.
His presentation was well received and helped to inform regulators about the specifics of masonry heaters

Double Bell Plaster Heater by Carsten Homsted

New York Times

Check out MHA's new animated video explaining how masonry heaters work

Double Load

122 lbs total

Custom round Tulikivi

by Warmstone

Video tour through stove channels

ASSOCOSMA, Masonry Heater Association of Italy.

Double Bell video

By Igor Kiznetsov

Heated bench discussion

Modifications to the MHA Research Heater

Heat exchanger is reconfigured from parallel downdrafting to serial

Double Bell Design from the MHA Workshop/Portfolio

Report from Martin Ruzicka

MHA Lab progress report  18/01/17

Oregon's Woodstove Certification Program (1985)

The grand-daddy that started it all
Still amazingly relevant to understanding what is currently going on.

Heakit with front white oven

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Minimum chimney height 

Example is for a zero clearance fireplace with a n 18"h X 26"w opening

TLUD-Biochar Ecology

200 year old Anagama kiln, Okinawa

Image credit: Karl Fodor

MHA Lab progress report  17/11/23

Cookstove and Kachelofen with bench, one chimney

by Jessica Steinhauser

If you haven't ordered one of these yet, what's stopping you?

MHA will be at the 2018 Wood Stove Design Challenge

- testing the stoves
- demonstrating a masonry heater

Best Technical Articles and Discussions

check out the revamped page!

Outside Combustion Air Supply

Sketchup model by Masonry Stove Builders.

New batch rocket idea by Peter van den Berg

Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser

 New round Kachelofen, designed with daisy motif, clients' favourite flower and family crest. The rope pattern represents the location right next to the Atlantic on the east coast of north America.

Boilers and their Piping

by Igor Kuznetsov

Also check out MHA's recent emissions research

Beijing Style!

MHA Technical Committee member
Crispin Pemberton-Pigott  designed the stoves 
in this project.

PM reduction of "over 90%" is actually closer to 99% (!)

Chimney details (click for larger version)

Taken from the EXCEL Factory Built Chimney Installation and Maintenance Instructions

Kuznetsov stove in Poland

Household Stove Systems, their features and differences

by Igor Kuznetsov

MHA Fall Newsletter

Kuznetstov in Italy

Flat arch by Boreal Heat and Firespeaking

Adventures in Stove Testing

by Norbert Senf

Updated August 18, 2017

Locally made plastic refractories

by Crispin Pemberton-Pigtott
reporting from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Household stove systems, their features and differences

by Igor Kuznetsov

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