SNEWS news!
Thanks to Jim Gillam (Editor Publisher of SNEWS) and Jay Hensley (Editor Emeritus of SNEWS & MHA Associate Member) our very own sweeps/heater masons are on the cover of the March 2005 issue of SNEWS.
Gary Hart(Aaron's Ltd. Alternative Energy & Chimney Service, High Ridge, MO), Walter Kelly(Fire and Stone Masonry of Montoursville, PA) & Gene Bianco(Chimney Savers of Randolph, VT) twisting an insulated stainless steel chimney liner into place in preparation for the Masonry Heater Installation at MHA Headquarters (Bev's House) here in Vermont in August 2004.
The article Summer 2004 Vermont Workshop Creates Dandy Masonry Heater at MHA Headquarters covers eight pages and 18 photographs of the workshop.  It is very well done and the Masonry Heater Association appreciates the time and efforts that went into the article.
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SNEWS is the most comprehensive coverage of the chimney trade in North America.
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